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13 October 2009

The binge before the diet

Leave it to me to start "working through my stash" by (wait for it...) going fabric shopping!! Yup. The biggest fabric show of the fall (Stoffenspektakel) came this Sunday to my region and I had to be there. On the bright side, for the first time I did my homework in advance. I chose 3 patterns that I want to make and I brought them along to buy the fabric.

Nice, isn't it? In Vogue 2988 I especially like the stand-away collar of the jacket.

And no, it wasn't enough to only buy the necessary fabrics to make this wardrobe once. No, I had to buy two combinations... For the jacket I bought two fabrics: a nice double-sided oxford grey wool and a fancy red coating. Then, for the dress and skirt and pants I bought a wool blend in two coordinating houndstooth designs, 5-6m in total, AND a stretch wool in solid black and solid oxford grey, again 5-6m in total.

But no, this wasn't all...

The second pattern I brought along was V1117, a wrapped dress by Michael Kors.

But no worries, I didn't buy any additional fabric for this pattern, since I plan to use some of the extra fabric I bought for V2988 for this dress as well.
And finally, the last pattern I brought along was V8620, a wide-collared jacket from Marcy Tilton. For this jacket I felt so clever...
At a stand that was selling sample squares from upholstery fabrics, I bought 5 squares for €10! As you can see the squares match in color and texture but have very different patterns. There are polka dots, vertical lines, leaves, curlicues and flowers.

I am so excited by the prospect of combining these fabrics that I think I will begin my sewing with this pattern.

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