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31 March 2012

Chanel-style bag in peacock colors

Hi. I am Lucia. I am a fabricholic. I buy and I buy and I never make anything. Here is to changing that.

I guess I should really say "I never finish anything"... since I have more than a few UFO's lying around. But, being as I am not one to follow rules, even if they are my own, no sooner had I made a pledge to sew with a plan that I began sewing... everything else! Ugh! But wait, there is a silver lining; lots of my UFO's are getting done. Woohoo for small victories!

Here is the first of my former UFO's: a knitted Chanel-style bag. I took a few months to do the lining because I hate hand finishing, but the real bottleneck was the underlining. It took nearly a year to find the perfect one: rigid enough to give the purse structure, but flexible enough to still look nice. Almost by accident, while waiting for them to cut another fabric for me, I saw the perfect thick felt at De Boerenbonthal in Amsterdam. The grommets and magnet closures are easy to find, and the silver chain comes from my local hardware store since the ones I found at sewing stores were too lightweight for my taste.

Chanel-style bag, Ravelry pattern

The inside view, with the usual magnetic closings and a clearer view of the grommets.

I used a free pattern from Ravelry: CoCo. And there are more photos on my Ravelry page.

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