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30 April 2012

Me and my McQueen

Hi, I am Lucia, I am a fabricholic. I buy and I buy and I never make anything. Here is to changing that!

Three weeks ago, in a moment of confusion, while browsing through Pattern Review, I signed up for my first ever contest: the Ready-to-Wear (RTW) Contest. You see, for my spring SWAP I had planned to make my poorman's version of one of those dreamy drapey Alexander McQueen's houndstooth dresses from 2009, so I figured, "Why not?". Two minutes later, with my heart still pounding in my chest I was sure my procrastinating and contrarian natures would take over and I would sew anything but. Miraculously though, the contest actually had its desired effect and I was super motivated. I even got the dress (my version is two-piece) and an additional black skirt done in time! Here is the official photo for the PR contest. I am the one on the left, obviously and not the creature with the ghostly pallor... (ahem!).
Me and my McQueen, Paco Peralta draped top and Burda 01-2009-112 skirt
Anyway, the top half is Paco Peralta's draped top which sewed like a dream. What a nicely drafted pattern. Even though I made a muslin I was finished in no time, with only three pieces. My fabric is heavier and less drapey than Paco recommends, but still the top falls very nicely. Here is my review for Paco's pattern in PR. I did insert the back zipper, but it wasn't necessary and I plan to omit it from now on because yes, I am definitely planning to make this top again.

Plus look how versatile Paco's top is, with so many ways to wear that neckline:
Paco Peralta's draped top, my favorite neckline variations
The skirt is Burda's 01-2009-112. For my houndstooth version I made the pocket flaps 1/2" bigger all around than the pattern calls for, echoing the bigger flaps in the real McQueen dress. Indeed I found that they were needed to bring some balance to the huge area of on-grain houndstooth pattern. Here is my review of the skirt in PR.

I liked the pattern of the Burda skirt so much that I decided to make the black skirt from my Spring SWAP also with this pattern. This time I left the pocket flaps out, I pegged it more and I added a kick pleat at back. Here is my review for the black skirt in PR. One of the reasons I always planned to make my version of the McQueen dress a two-piece is that I knew I would want to break up so much houndstooth. Here is the top with the black skirt. This is most likely how I will wear it to work: tucked in. Heresy?