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17 April 2013

Vogue 1117 by Michael Kors

OK, 2 posts in 4 days is hardly a "whirlwind of activity", but that's the speed for which I'm known I'm afraid. So without further ado, here is another dress I've been happily wearing for a few months already, I just hadn't blogged about it.

The pattern is Vogue 1117 by Michael Kors, and it was the last garment from my Spring 2012 SWAP, the one piece dress. I originally wanted the dress for that SWAP to be made using Vogue 8648, but I could never get rid of my worries about the side skirt pieces being on the bias, so I went with this gorgeous Michael Kors model instead.

Making this dress was a bit tricky because all the pleating is fiddly. I kept checking and double checking, and wouldn't you know it? In the end I still made a mistake! I ironed the pleats on the left skirt towards the top instead of towards the bottom as I had done on the right skirt, aaarghhhh!!! I only realized this once I had attached the skirt to the bodice and serged the seam closed. Ug. So I left it alone and have been wearing it like that quite happily thank you very much...

The truth is that what bothers me now the most is not the pleating mistake but the fact that this polyester blend is rather "spongy" and it makes the pleats stand out a bit too much. I think I may try again this dress in a tropical wool fabric or maybe even a nice cotton sateen where the pleats might behave better. But that's a bit nitpicking, actually. Until I make a version 2.0, I'm quite happy keeping v1.0 in my work clothes rotation.

My review of Vogue 1117 by Michael Kors is at Pattern Review.


  1. I too would have been nervous of the pleating! It looks great, I don't see the mistake - we are all our worst critics as they say!

  2. Lovely dress, and I wouldn't have noticed the difference in the pleats. This dress has been on my list for quite a while now, so thanks for the review which is encouraging me to make it up :-)

  3. Lucia, both your dresses look great - wear them them with pride. I'm beginning to stay away from polyester myself too.

  4. Lovely dress. I didn't see the pleat mistake either.

    I like the way you are wearing this with a top underneath. I've been gifted this pattern and have put it to one side bcuase of the low and wide neckline. Now I see how I could wear it. Thanks (again!) for the inspiration.


  5. Lucia, cualquiera que digas que es el error de construcción, no se nota nada. Y es un vestido precioso que además te queda fenomenal. Por cierto que con el top por debajo queda tambien muy bien!

  6. Lovely! I didn't see any pleating mistake, only that it's just so flattering and pretty with all those pleats easing out into the shoulders/cap sleeves.