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29 February 2012

UFO: knit top in 'palo de rosa'

I am Lucia, I am a fabricholic, I buy and I buy and I never finish anything. Here is to changing that.

Some time in the 90's I bought this wonderfully fluffy knit tube, barely enough for a top with short sleeves. I then did my usual and put it away in a box until sometime in 2003, when I bought my first home and set up my first sewing room. I then picked it up and decided that it was an easy first project after such a long sewing hiatus. But then something happened again and I didn't finish it. I can't even remember what it was that intervened. Anyway, the fluffy tube, half constructed got stuffed again in a box. Until today.

Since I got the new serger I've been itching to start on all those beautiful knit tubes I've stashed, so again this one was the perfect first choice. No pattern, no side seams and using all, but all of the tube.

Cap sleeves seemed much more flattering than sleeves to the mid biceps. Unfortunately, I didn't think it through before I cut the sleeves and now the bottom is a bit too... wavy and wide. Still, I'm pretty happy, especially because after over 10 years, this knit will finally see the light of day more regularly. Woohoo for small victories!

... and I'll try to forget that I ran over a pin with my brand, spanking new serger... OOOPS! It is much, much worse than with the sewing machine.  But I think I got lucky, and nothing irreparable happened. Phew! I leave a photo here to remind me to be super vigilant for stray pins when using the serger:

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