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03 December 2011

The archives: Japanese knit reprise

Yup. I loved that Japanese striped knit so much that I had to buy more of it. The second time I got it in a solid color, though still with textured stripes.

Lacking in imagination I made again the same turtleneck. This time, though, I didn't have enough fabric (I wonder why?). I was forced to make do with the fabric I had so I made two changes: the neck facing I made with the red-black striped fabric, and I cut the neck piece a bit off shape.

The first change wasn't a big deal, you cannot see the facing when I'm wearing the top. But the second change had serious consequences. I know that now, but not then... And for this one I had finally discovered invisible zippers! Unfortunately invisible zippers on knits was a bigger challenge than I could master and the back is a bit, let's say "wavy".

Anyway, I still wore this top quite a lot. Come to think of it, I vaguely remember that there was also a knit skirt, in the red-black stripe fabric. I remember it was a mini skirt, which quite unsettled my mom and of course this made me only like it more. Yeah, it had a high waist and a waist facing instead of a waistband. That was a very flattering style on me, and I wore it lots! Ah, that is probably why I made this top as well, to allow some variety since with the striped top it looked like a dress.

Oh, yes, I also remember that I would sometimes wear the top over the skirt, and other times I would wear the skirt over the top. This latter emphasized a small waist and made the top blouse a bit from the high waist up, giving it another silhouette, and both were very flattering on my pear-shape body. The skirt is now long gone, of course.

Wow, funny that I could remember that!

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