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25 December 2011

Bubble gum pink skirt, Vogue 2982 Anne Klein

My name is Lucia. I am a fabricholic. I buy and buy fabrics but I never finish anything. Here is to changing that!

Skirt is from Vogue 2982 by Anne Klein, poncho is Burda 09-2005-125

A wool skirt, in bubble gum pink! To go with the Cotton Candy Poncho. The wool is ancient, it actually belonged to my mom so it must have been sitting patiently waiting its turn for at least 22 years.

Lessons learned:
Tapered skirts do suit me, while straight skirts do not. As a pear I always avoided pencil skirts but secretly wished I could wear them because they look so sexy and refined. So it is great news to discover that pegged skirts are definitely ok.

Some creases cannot be ironed out. The fold in the middle of this wool just won't come out even after steam shrinking for 40min and repeated pressing. I guess 22+ years in a stash simply couldn't go unpunished...

Check for transparency, even in wools. The facing and the seam allowances all can be seen through in this skirt! I should have checked. I remember a great article in Threads about how to use flesh colored underlining to eliminate the see-through problem.

Look for pattern reviews from other people who might have tried the same pattern before you. While making this skirt I noticed that some pattern notches didn't match and worse yet, that the lining was too short and the instructions on how to attach it, too weird. After some thought I realized the instructions were wrong and the lining needed to be attached to the inside facing instead of to the skirt top edge. Indeed when I looked up reviews for this pattern most of them mentioned this mistake. Checking the reviews at the outset would have saved me some time, although I did like figuring out the solution myself!

Skirt from Vogue 2982 by Anne Klein

All in all, I am really happy with my skirt. It fits well, it goes great with my new poncho as I intended and I love its happy color. I can't wait to wear it!

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