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03 December 2011

The archives: plaid sleeveless jacket

Another early confection, circa 1988 . This one was never finished, I think because I left for college. I really cannot remember where I got this fabric. It could have been in my mom's stash although I doubt it. The plaid is her style, very classic but colorful. But it is not the best quality as it is a bit rough, and that she would not have stood for.

I do remember that I liked the colors and that I worked hard at matching the plaids, not always successfully. It is princess seamed and it fit quite well, again thanks to a lot of effort and trying-ons on my part.

My friend Veronica had a princess seamed plaid jacket that her mother had made her and this was my copy. I didn't have enough fabric for sleeves, so it was going to be sleeveless. Also, Vero's had more swing below the waist, but I didn't want that, or I didn't have the fabric for it, I can't remember which.  

I was always ambitious and stingy, and this jacket was going to be reversible. The lining was a nice sueded silk and I think that is why I wanted to make it reversible. Why waste such a wonderful fabric on a side no-one would ever see but me?

I still very much like this silk, so I might refashion it for something else...

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